Slope preparation Ratschings-Jaufen

The snow adventure awaits!

Your skiing experience is only as good as the slope conditions themselves. That’s why the 28 kilometres of slopes are perfectly groomed – from December to April. It’s not for nothing that the Ratschings-Jaufen ski area is one of the most modern and snow-sure in all of South Tyrol. We are at your service every day!
Slope conditions & what they mean for you:

  • Preparation
    Our snow groomers and equipment are working hard for you every day. Depending on the snow and weather conditions, we prepare the slopes in the evening after closing time or early in the morning before opening. A “bad” slope condition usually has nothing to do with the preparation itself. It is due to external circumstances: Depending on snow and weather conditions, the number of skiers, and your own skiing ability.

    Fresh snow: Due to the fact that the freshly groomed fresh snow cannot bind well with the old snow in the short time until the start of operations, slopes appear very soft when there is fresh snow, and the impression can arise that the slopes have not been groomed. However, our snow groomers always do their best!

    Long periods of warmer weather: High temperatures during the day make the snow heavy and slushy. The cold at night can then lead to icy slopes in the morning. In this case, our slope crew does everything to counteract these slope conditions. Our many years of experience pay off.

  • Ski slope closure:
    Skiing on closed ski slopes is prohibited and punishable by law, as is hiking and tobogganing on closed slopes.