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Funpark - Ratschings - JaufenFunpark - Ratschings - JaufenFunpark - Ratschings - JaufenFunpark - Ratschings - Jaufen

Fun knows no bounds, with our:

Fun, fun, fun!

The Racines Funpark is right next to the “Enzian” ski lift and is one of the highlights of the Racines-Giovo ski area. The park, used for training or just for fun, has a “wave line” for beginners, a “jib line” for those who like challenges and a “kicker line” for real champions. The park remains closed if there are prolonged periods of bad weather, heavy snowfall, scarce visibility or maintenance works in progress. For information about the current conditions you can phone or ask directly at the main cash desk.

Opening times: Depending on the snow conditions, the Funpark operates from mid to end December until mid April.

Structures and obstacles: The structures and obstacles are TÜV-certified and conform to the highest safety standards.

Warning: visitors to the Funpark must follow the behavior rules displayed at the entrance to the park. The 10 FIS rules are in force. We recommend the use of suitable protection gear (helmets and kneepads).


Piste, snow park and cross ... all in one for a cool winter fun!
As a welcome change from the usual driving on the ski runs, there is a sequence of playful elements on a moderate snow slope, such as the "snail".
The park can only be used with safety equipment and is also suitable for beginners.
To make sure that everyone can have fun, please respect the rules!




Snowpark Ratschings obstacles

Beginner Area

Flat Box 3m
Rainbow Box 3m
Up/Down Butter-Box 3m
Rainbow Butter-Box 3m
Mushroom Jib
Kicker Jump 4m

Medium Area

Flat/Down Box 8m
Straight Box 6m
Rainbow Box 5m
Flat Box 5m
Up/Down Box 5m
Wallride Jib
Kicker Jump 12m
Down Rail 7m




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