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Fun knows no bounds, with our:

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A short trip across the enchanting Val Racines takes you to the downhill station of the new Racines-Giovo eight-seat cableway. On your way up you can admire, from inside the panoramic cable cars, the fantastic winter landscape around you and look forward to a wonderful day on the snow. High above, at 2,150 m a vast mountain area opens up before your eyes, a true enchantment for skiers and snow lovers. The fun starts right away with carving, snowboarding and big foot tobogganing...


NEW: 8seater chairlift ENZIAN

The first 8seater chairlift of Italy is ready for the Winterseason!


Exclusive Premium chair from LEITNER ropeways makes its debut in South Tyrol

From early summer, Racines in Italy’s South Tyrol region will be home to the country’s first 8-seater chairlift. Developed by LEITNER ropeways, this system will also be the first ropeway of its kind in Italy to be equipped with the state-of-the-art LEITNER Premium chair. Inspired by automotive design and featuring genuine leather seats, it will be a real highlight of the ski resort. The chair celebrated its world premiere in December 2015 on the Brunn 8-seater chairlift in Kitzbühel.

For Franz Seeber, Chairman of Racines-Giovo Srl, opting for the LEITNER ropeways system was the obvious choice: “Like LEITNER ropeways, Racines stands for high performance and innovation. The cutting-edge system is therefore the perfect fit for our ski resort. The site also offers plenty of space for a large boarding area with 8-seater chairs. With the Premium chair, we can offer our guests maximum comfort.”


The new system replaces the automated detachable 4-seater chairlift. The extra seats mean enhanced passenger safety, as the chairs come in more slowly, giving guests more time for boarding. Transport capacity has been improved too. Thanks to an automated elevating platform, even younger guests are guaranteed an exceptionally safe ride: The platform detects when children are getting on and adjusts the height accordingly. Lockable safety bars and individual footrests also help to ensure maximum safety.

When it comes to efficiency and sustainability, the ropeway sets new standards with its environmentally friendly DirectDrive system. Over the years, LEITNER ropeways has built up an unrivaled wealth of experience with this gearless drive system.


The new system marks the debut of LEITNER’s Premium chair in Italy: The high-end design and unparalleled comfort of this chair take chairlift seating to luxurious new heights. Design elements and expert knowledge from the world of automotive engineering were woven into the development of the Premium chair. The seats feature an ergonomic design and slip-proof real leather upholstery, while bubbles enable winter sports enthusiasts in Racines to enjoy the ride even in less clement weather. Kitted out in the colors of the ski resort, the chairs also provide extra eye-catching appeal.

Construction of the new system is due to begin in early summer so that it will be ready for operation in time for the upcoming winter season.