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Ski runs - Ratschings - JaufenSki runs - Ratschings - JaufenSki runs - Ratschings - JaufenSki runs - Ratschings - Jaufen

Fun knows no bounds, with our:

Over 25 km of ski runs

The Racines-Giovo ski area extends from 1,300 to 2,150 mt high and is highly esteemed by the young and the old. It is one of the most modern areas in Alto Adige and offers guaranteed snow thanks to its modern artificial snow system. It puts 25 km of easy- and medium-skill, well-trodden ski runs at your disposal.

In the following table you can find all necessary information about the length and difficulty level of the runs. You can also view all the runs on the panoramic interactive map. Now tighten up your skis… on your mark… get set… go !

The Racines-Giovo ski area has won the prestigious “Skiareatest” International Quality Seal 2013/2014 and has been elected “Winner of the Year”.

namedegree of difficultylengthopen
1Ski run "Blosegg"middle2.500 m
2Ski run "Rinneralm I"middle1.600 m
3Ski run "Rinneralm II"middle1.550 m
5Connection Jaufeneasy1.000 m
6Connection Jaufen-Ratschingseasy1.200 m
7Ski run "Kalcheralm I"middle1.000 m
8Ski run "Kalcheralm II"middle1.050 m
9Ski run "Kalcheralm III"middle1.050 m
11Ski run "Enzian I"middle1.030 m
12Ski run "Enzian II"middle1.050 m
13Ski run "Wasserfalleralm"middle1.200 m
13aConnection "Wasserfalleralm-Enzian"easy350 m
14Ski run "Waldabfahrt"middle2.500 m
15Ski run "Saxner I"middle1.500 m
16Ski run "Saxner II"middle1.500 m
Variation ski run "Saxner II"middle1.000 m
20Ski run "Abrahamwiese"easy350 m
Tobbogan runmiddle5.000 m
Cross-coutry / hiking "Platschjoch" easy15.000 m