Fun knows no bounds, with our:

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Fun knows no bounds, with our:

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Mom, I am on the ski school field!

Learning to ski must be fun. Better start as a child. On the school field children will learn, with no hassle and in a fun way, to correctly move their first steps on the skis, assisted by qualified instructors: posture, first snowplough turns, stopping and safe breaking, going on the treadmill and watching out for other skiers...

“In good hands” (children 3 years and up)

Children learn quickly, but in way that's different from adults.
Skiing under watchful eyes, but having loads of fun: this is the way to go!

Every day from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Child care, lunch, 2½ hour skiing course

In our kindergarten on the snow, kids play with experts in caring for children, have lunch together, and take a 2½ hour skiing course.

1 DAY65,00 €
2 Days120,00 €
3 Days160,00 €
4 Days180,00 €
5 Days200,00 €
6 Days220,00 €


Extension past day no. 3: 30,00 € per day



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„Bestens aufgehoben“ (ab 3 Jahren)

Kinder lernen schnell und doch anders als die Großen.
In bester Obhut und mitten im Ski-Spass!

Täglich von 9.30 bis 15.30 Uhr.

Betreuung, Mittagessen, 2,5 St. Skikurs.

Die Kids spielen gemeinsam mit kompetenten Kinderbetreuerinnen in unserem eigenen Kindergarten, essen dort zu Mittag und nehmen am 2,5 St. Skikurs teil.

1 Tag58,00 €
2 Tage103,00 €
3 Tage145,00 €
4 Tage165,00 €
5 Tage185,00 €
6 Tage205,00 €

Verlängerung ab 3. Tag: 30,00 € / Tag

Terms & conditions

“Just a taste” (children 3 years and up)

Child Care

1 Hour15,00 €
½ Day45,00 €
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